MGMT 479
Strategic management
Team company research project
Guidance for completing the assignment
The following information is provided to assist each team in researching, writing, and presenting, the team finding to the class. It is suggested that you follow your author’s AFI (Analysis, Formulation, and implementation) in doing the analysis of your company.
1. Analysis
Ø What is your company’s current vision, mission, value, and strategic goal?
Ø What is your company’s current strategy how has it evolve?
Ø Conduct PESTAL analysis to identify forces affecting your company.
Ø Conduct SWOT analysis to identify the external and internal conditions.
Ø Use the VRIO analysis to evaluate if your company has a sustained competitive advantage.
Should be 4 to 5 pages excluding table of content and bibliography.
Cite from At least three scholarly papers or articles.
The paper should include the table of content and bibliography.