American history homework help.

 Next week you will record a screencast in which you analyze three primary documents to develop an argument about how an aspect of or idea about class has changed (or not changed) over time in the United States.  This week you will write the draft. Before beginning the script, read the secondary sources and look through the primary documents.  Then select one primary document from each week in the class unit.  (You can use the ones you used in your earlier essays in the unit or select different ones.)  As part of your argument, explain how your analysis of the documents adds to or challenges the information and ideas about class at least two of the secondary sources assigned for the unit. Cite all your sources (primary and secondary) using APA style at the end of the essay. The final screencast will be 5 minutes long, so your script should be 450-500 words.
I attached my essays from the previous weeks.
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American history homework help