How much of an increase in lean body mass can one expect with resistance training?
Many individuals may begin a resistance training program aiming to increase their lean body mass (specifically their muscle mass) by an unreasonable amount compared to what is physiologically possible in most cases (e.g. “I want to to put on 20 lbs [9 kg] of muscle mass in the next 6 months”). In such cases it would be helpful have a more reasonable goal based on knowledge from studies documenting changes in lean body mass using validated measures (e.g. DXA, whole body BIA).
Perform a literature search to find at least one peer-reviewed, original research (not a review) article which documents the change in lean body mass following a resistance training protocol. Summarize the findings in your post including the following:
·  Description of subjects (e.g. age, training status, sex, etc.)
·  Length of study
·  Description of intervention (training and if any dietary interventions were included as well)
·  Method of lean body mass measurement
·  Change in lean body mass from intervention (ideally at least the average change of LBM in kg should be available but include anything that may be relevant such as the highest/lowest amount of change in individual subjects)
·  Expected rate of change (if you can calculate this based on the amount of change divided by the length of the intervention)
·  Citation of article