Part One: Role Play
Utilize the “Mediation Scenarios” document to complete part one of the assignment.
Part Two: Essay
An understanding of the mediation process is important for effective communication, especially when we are counseling others in a formal or informal setting. This assignment will help you to better understand the role mediation plays in communication and how each step functions in the process. You will write a paper (1,000 words) that discusses your experience with mediation.
Follow the direction and choose your mediation scenario using the document, “Mediation Scenarios.” Then, write the following essay:
Write a paper (1,000 words) that reflects on the mediation experience and addresses the following:

  1. Analyze and reflect on your experience as the mediator.
  2. Did the mediation go as planned?
  3. What about this process was particularly challenging?
  4. Were you able to remain neutral?
  5. Did you struggle not injecting your own solutions?
  6. Did you easily reach an agreement, why or why not?
  7. How would this have been different if this were a real mediation and not a role-play?
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