Applied Sciences homework help. There are 4 questions. In a Word Document present each question with your response.
Use at least a 12 point font.
Double Spaced is preferred.
Use APA format for references.
In text
In a reference list at the end of the paper
Question 1
Pick ONE (1) of the compare/contrast questions (a, b, or c):
a. Compare and contrast the strengths/weaknesses of the four research designs.
b. Compare and contrast the importance of random assignment versus nonrandom assignment in experiments.
c. Compare and contrast the concept of correlation versus causation.
Question 2
Read over the Press Release by APA,
Read the article within the Press Release: Lee, M., Pitesa, M., Pillutla, M. M., & Thau, S. (2017, October 23). Perceived Entitlement Causes Discrimination Against Attractive Job Candidates in the Domain of Relatively Less Desirable Jobs.
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.
a. Identify the theoretical foundations Lee and colleagues utilized.
b. Explain the theory for which the hypotheses were tested by Lee and her colleagues (2017)? (Hint: Read at least the Introduction and Discussion sections of the article).
c. Did the empirical results across the four studies confirm or disconfirm the theory?
Question 3
a. As a consultant, how would you apply the results of the Lee et al. 2017 studies to help job-seekers?
b. As a consultant, how might you apply the results of the Lee et. al. 2017 studies to an HR Talent Acquisition staff member writing the job description?
Question 4
Be the researcher and design a research study.
a. After reviewing the designs in the e-text or additional research, if you were given a $1-million-dollar grant to study this issue, how might you replicate and extend one of the studies in the Lee et. al. 2017 article?
b. Describe and include the new Population(s), Independent Variable(s), Dependent Variables(s), and Procedure.

Applied Sciences homework help