Course name : Global Health ( Public Health)
Q. 1. Write a note on communicable diseases following subtitles (each subtitle must be content 50 to 70 words)
A. list of communicable diseases (any four examples) in Saudi Arabia (2 points)
B. Current novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak (2 points)
C. Coronavirus Global Prevalence (1 Points)
D. Common signs of infection (2 point)
E. prevention and as a health worker how can protect your community from communicable diseases as general and (2019-nCoV) specifically
(2 Points)
F. References (1 Point)
Instructions and Guidelines:
· 1. Must be ~2 pages
· 2. Font should be 12 – Times New Roman
· 3. Headings should be Bold
· 4. The text color should be Black
· 5. Line spacing should be 1.5
· 6. Avoid Plagiarism and rely on scientific references
· 8. All assignments must carry the references using APA style. Please see below web link about how to cite APA reference style. –