by Amber Hutton  Wednesday, November 25, 2020, 9:39 AM

Natasha Deu Solheim- Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

What working with psychopaths taught me about leadership | Nashater Deu Solheim | TEDxStavanger – YouTube

First, I found the title and the topic of the speech to be very interesting. Through our reading and watching this speech I learned that first impressions really do count. In this video the speaker is very well dressed, she makes direct eye contact with the audience and she speaks confidently. This gives her credibility. She started with a statement and gained the audiences interest by stating that we are not all authentic and moves on to talk about her work with psychopaths. She engages the audience further by stating that being a little less authentic is good and probably saved her life, making the audience more curious for information. She previewed the main points of her speech in the introduction as well as stated the purpose of her speech very early on, in a conversational way. She spoke clearly and slowly making it easy for her audience to follow. She also had good pauses when making dramatic statements which allowed the seriousness of what she was saying to sink in. Overall, she told a story using attention getting strategies and a real-life experience. She started with a bold statement, asked the audience a question, set-up her speech by pointing out the topic, was well dressed and made eye contact with the audience, setting herself up for an effective speech . She spoke on a serious topic, but was able to keep the audience interested through her storytelling.
I learned that I could do better to gauge the audience’s attention. I think if I can outline my speeches and paraphrase what I will be doing it will help the flow of my speech

by Yenny Vera  Wednesday, November 25, 2020, 1:51 PM

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Joe Burgum started his TED talk speech with his own story. He talks about how it is important to ask questions, even if we think that they are dumb or not important. He also states that asking questions helps us gain confidence in ourselves and share ideas with others. Joe was undecided if he wanted to go to college, he did not know if he was going to learn new things and gain more knowledge. He asked himself many questions to see if it was right to go to college or not. The point is to ask questions, as many questions as we want. Ask questions to others and ask questions to yourself to see if you are on the right path.
Reflect on strategies
One quality that I observe is that he engaged the audience with this personal story. As I started to watch the TED talk I got engaged with his story and I wanted to know what will happen next. Personally, starting with a story or question is entertaining for me because I get to engage and want to know more and more. I also feel connected to the speaker because I get to relate to him.
Joe Burgum started with a story in his speech, this gave it more enthusiasm to the speech. Sharing a story grabs the reader’s attention.
-First example: Joe started the speech with a story. This shows that he wants the audience to interact with him.
-Second example: He also stated that he was undecided about going to college. I feel that this is really important because we are “supposed” to go to college and be successful in our careers. Sometimes people earn more money by not having a career. This can go both ways but at the end of the day, it is optional if you want to continue school.
-Third example: Joe also mentioned that he always asked questions regardless of what people think of him. If he did not know how to spell a word, he would ask to make sure he gets it right the next time.
-Fourth example: Joe does not like to learn from a book, he feels trapped and he feels like we are not learning anything besides reading. He wants everyone to use their brain and knowledge to understand the topic well.
-Fifth example: Lastly, it is okay to not know

By Francine Rojas  Wednesday, November 25, 2020, 4:37 PM

When writing a paper, one of the most difficult paragraphs is the introduction for me. It’s hard for me to start writing when I don’t know how to connect it all together. I choose a speech that focuses on how to focus on your long term goals. When Angela Lee Duckworth Started her speech, she told her experience in the matter. She stood tall and straight. Moving around, not in a way that seemed nervous but to connect with everyone in the room. With her speech in a big room and audience, her voice was loud and clear. When I talk, I feel that my hands are just hanging by my side and I feel awkward. What Angela does is while she talks her hands move as gestures. To me, that means she is comfortable with speaking and it shows that she is confident about the subject. Something that Angela does in her speech is that it relates to her own experience. She tells her background stories and how that is in relation to the main topic. She wasn’t someone who was doing a speech of a matter that doesn’t connect to her. Instead, she informed the audience what she went through.
The first example- Tell her side and how this becomes relevant to the main topic.
The second example- She was a teacher that knew that iq doesn’t make a student successful. In today’s time, teachers only cared about the highest grade but not if the student really learned the material. She noticed the same of her smartest students wasn;t doing good as her other student.
The third example-She then explains through her years of teaching, the best way for students to learn is through a motivation way.
The fourth is she left teaching and went to graduate school to become a psychologist. Through her own studies.
The fifth example is that she came to the conclusion that for students to learn more than anything is through grit. It stands for passion and perseverance for long term goals