Medium: Memo
Length: 2-3 pages (which should include a second-page memo header)
Format: Typed, reasonable font (typically size 12, Times New Roman)
Most informal reports have three or four main parts: the introduction, the body, conclusions, and recommendations.
A New Breed of Applicants
You are a General Manager for Worldwide Communications Inc., a cell phone company, and are specifically in charge of hiring a new Manager for one of your retail stores, which is located in the neighborhood mall. Your District Manager, Renee Morales, has told you she wants a person who is very qualified, with years of experience, an appropriate degree, and who makes a strong impression.
After a week of similar and unqualified applicants, you are starting to lose hope. Then one day you find a person you feel is an excellent candidate for the position. This person has the experience you want, the degree necessary, and has a charming, dynamic personality. You are sure this person will make the store profitable and successful.
Here’s the problem: the candidate has many graphic, colorful tattoos; several facial piercings; multicolored, dyed hair; and wears loose-fitting jeans and t-shirts.
You have told your DM of this candidate. You explain that the candidate is far and away the most qualified person you have interviewed, and you are convinced this person will do an excellent job. Still, you also explain the potential drawbacks of hiring a person who doesn’t fit the traditional business manager profile. You are torn and undecided what to do. You know that this is the biggest decision of your career, and it can impact your position within the company.
Your DM says she will support whatever decision you make, but she wants to know your decision within the next week. She wants you to write a memo to her explaining what you have decided to do about this situation. Because of the nature of this decision, the memo will be sent on to corporate where the CEO will be made aware of your decision as well.
Give at least three examples that support your decision to hire this applicant OR at least three examples that support your decision to not hire this applicant. Be sure that your support is detailed enough to give your ideas depth and clarity.