Article writing homework help. Based on feedback that you receive from students and the professor on version 2 and additional research that you do, you will expand your position paper to at least 2000 words, with at least an additional two bibliographic citations. At least four of your bibliographic sources must be from scholarly, peer-reviewed (refereed) journals. Provide a summary source analysis for all of your bibliographic sources in the Source Analysis Table-1.docx
. You should address both the focal and non-focal aspects of the technology that you are addressing (to use Sclove’s terminology). You should address the inherent or contingent politics of the technology (to use Winner’s terminology). You should address the technology’s bias (in the sense that Friedman indicates). This paper should thus reflect and integrate all of the topics that we have covered in the course: from the ethical theories as reflected in the policy position that you are taking, to the sorts of media sources that you are using, to the understandings that you are making concerning the social and political implications of the technology that you are addressing. Finally, make sure to choose your title wisely.
Some of the Articles that i used
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Bill Text. (2019). Retrieved October 27, 2019, from
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Article writing homework help