Article writing homework help. Assignment: Write a research paper concerning the broad topic, “Envisioning the Museum of 2030.”
Length guideline is 5-7 pages with a minimum of 5 scholarly sources. Sources should include texts,
journals, periodicals, newspapers, annual reports, etcetera, and may include online, academic or
professional articles. (Please do not rely on unattributed website information.)
Format: 1-inch margins, 11-12 point appropriate font, double-spaced. Include footnotes and
bibliography per Chicago Manual of Style NB-System OR Kate L. Turabian’s A Manual for Writers of
Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. (For citation help, try Purdue Writing Center’s OWL Resource:
– Research a topic related to contemporary ideas, current trends, or new technologies in
museums. Possible topics might include social media marketing, crowd sourcing, “popups”, 3D-printing, or Augmented Reality.
– Develop a thesis for a paper that addresses your findings and reflects upon how you
believe the museum field might evolve over the next decade. You may wish to narrow your
focus by concentrating on one area of evolution such as museum
operations/administration, development, marketing, collections management, exhibitions,
education, visitor services, security, etcetera.
– Preliminary thesis statement OR questions for further study AND preliminary annotated
bibliography due March 18.
– In your paper, be sure to describe the researched ideas, trends, technologies and their
use(s) in museums by providing specific examples.
– Analyze the effects of these contemporary activities on current museum practices and
interpret their significance to the museum field.
– Speculate/theorize about how museums might evolve as a result of the activities
– In conclusion, evaluate the pros, cons, and issues associated with, the evolution of the
museum field as you envision it. (This should be a well-reasoned opinion derived from your
Grading criteria:
Quality of research/effort demonstrated in completing assignment 25%
Persuasiveness of thesis and strength of evidence presented 25%
Expression of ideas/organization and structure of paper 25%
Writing clarity and mechanics 25%

Article writing homework help