“The Cultural Context of Global Management”
What you need to know before you started this 10 pages essay:
Topic : South Korea
Our Selling Product : ICAR (Cooraporate with Apple, luxuries, mordern smart car that runs on three ways of energy storage (electric recharge, solar panels for naturally energizing recharge & hydrogen gas) A New addition to the Apple product line.
What is this paper about : Before entering the South Korea Market you need to know the Culture and negotiation style in the country/market chosen
Unit Instructions:
Please include material studied for class, from the textbook and your own research covering the following chapters:
o Textbookchapters 3, 4and 5 (stereotyping, cultural sensitivity, International social responsibility, cultural quotient, paralanguage, intercultural communication)
o Your research
o Yourexperiences/ideas/collaboration
Include these specific aspects/questions:
1. Culture – The People
• Introduce the culture(s) – people(s) of the country you represent:
o Way of life
o Diversity of population in this country o Food,arts,music,etc.
• What are predominant values in this culture? Explain the following in as much detail as you can:
o Power distance?
o Uncertaintyavoidance?
o Individualismorcollectivism?
o Long-termorshort-termorientation?
o Criticaloperationalvaluedifferences:Time;changeandmaterialfactors
2. Verbal and Non-Verbal Language
o What languages are spoken (% of population)? What are official languages?
o What is important to know about non-verbal language?
o Do’s and Don’ts. Are there taboos (what not to talk about or what not to do)? Please explain.
3. Negotiation Strategy
o What do you need to know and do to be culturally savvy and successful with your business in the country you will do business?
o How are negotiations done in your country? (Negotiation style, general protocols, etiquette, handshake, greeting protocol)
o Find a suitable topic and develop an example to showcase the five negotiation stages in this country. You can also develop and write down a role play.
Further Instructions Must Add it when closing:
• Research and paste link:
o Research and share fun facts to present the country/culture you chose
o Please include meaningful short videos, pictures, audio link (explain what we hear and see), …. etc.
o Let your creativity flow..
• Paper:
o 10 pages
o Double spaced, include page # and your names on top
o No cover page please
o Useandsend Wordformat
• Please use correct citation Paper