Article writing homework help. COMM 1007/08
Major Assessment 2: Research Essay
Target Competencies

  1. Analyze post-secondary sources to distinguish purpose, organization, and logic of an argument across a variety of platforms.


  1. Demonstrate research skills by locating, evaluating, and organizing material from a variety of sources.
  2. Produce organized, unified and coherent work using correct grammar, mechanics, diction, and a standard formatting and documentation style.
  3. 4. Create informative and persuasive works in which the main points are supported by appropriate evidence.

Final Draft:                  20%
Assignment Directions

1.    Review previous lectures on rhetoric and essay structure, as summarized below:

Informative Rhetorics Persuasive Rhetorics
Description 1. Argumentation
Narration 2. Persuasion
Exposition (i.e., cause and effect, classification, comparison/contrast, process, analogy, definition)  

2.    For this assignment, you will be asked to research and provide documentation to an essay generated from a topic from the reading, Txting is Killing Language, JK!!!. Be sure to include supporting detail (i.e. direct quotations, summaries, and paraphrases) from documented sources.  Your essay should include the following characteristics:
a.    Length = 1,250 words
b.    Citation style = APA
c.    Required number of research sources minimum = 5 . Only one of your research sources can be from the Internet. All others must come from LRC databases, newspapers, magazines, books, or primary-source interviews or surveys.  Be sure to include proper documentation, for both in-text citations and your Reference List page.


Article writing homework help