Research Briefs. 2 at 100 points each.
My topic is: Government should pay tuition for students
Students are required to submit 2 research briefs over the course of the quarter. Each will be on a contemporary, newsworthy event. The instructor will assign topics to each student and 1 student will cover each topic.
Research briefs cover two sides of an important issue. They are single spaced, heavily cited (at least 8 sources for each page) research dense work. Remember that these pieces cover two sides of an issue so they can be fairly simple in approach.
Each piece of research will provide 2 pages that oppose. For instance, page one could claim that the Libor scandal proves that the financial system must be revamped. Page two could claim that the Libor scandal proves that the financial system is solid and checks itself for market fluctuations.
Each page will have: 1. An introduction culminating in a clear thesis statement, written like a resolution (ie This house believes the financial system in the US is fundamentally flawed and must have checks and balances) 2. At least 3 paragraphs, heavily cited, with arguments in support of the thesis statement. These paragraphs must be independent arguments for the thesis. 3. A short summary paragraph restating the argument of the paper. Page 2 will have all of these same components but in opposition to the original argument.
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