Article writing homework help.

In this discussion, you will search for interesting and academic research from the primary literature on biological control or pesticide use. Select one paper, read it, and write a summary (see more details below). This first part of the discussion is due before midnight on Sunday of the first week Mar 15th!
You will present a summary of a primary research article involving the use of pesticides or biological control in agriculture.  You may use the Web of Science database or Google Scholar to locate a primary research article that covers some aspect of these broad topics. Consider utilizing and combining key vocabulary words from relevant lectures in your searches like drift, carryover, mode of action, pesticide, resistance, toxicity, contamination, residue, parasitoid, biological control, efficacy, crops, etc.
You will not see the posts of your classmates until you have completed part 1. After your timely initial post, there will be a week to read your classmates’ posts and reply to at least three others in your discussion group before midnight on Sunday of the second week, Mar 22nd!
If you need assistance in developing an appropriate string of keywords to locate an article on a specific topic, you can email me directly.
Your post will:
1. Summarize the article (It will be important to read the abstract, introduction, and discussion.)
2. Include the full written citation (not just a link).
3. Explain the importance or relevance of this research to agricultural ecology.

Article writing homework help