Article writing homework help. Assignment 1 – Personal Reflection on Project

Deliverables Approx. 250-300 words
Due date Monday, 16 March, 11:59pm, Start of Week 3
Value 10%
Marking criteria See link in “Assessment Overview” in the CUC106 Learnline site.
Task overview A major part of this unit requires you to work in a project team to solve a practical issue in a developing community. Each of you will bring a unique set of skills and strengths to this project based on your experiences, which you will build upon throughout the semester through research and work with others.
This assignment requires you to reflect on your experiences, strengths and awareness that could help you with the task ahead. This reflection is an important step for tuning in and getting started with the project.
Task details In one or two coherent paragraphs,
a.       Describe one or two examples of experiences or exposure that you have had to issues in developing countries, community development, designing solutions to practical problems, or working in a team.
b.      Explain how some of the knowledge, strengths and skills gained from these experiences will be useful in helping you understand and engage in the team project.
Your experiences, for example, could include situations:
·         That you been exposed to in your own community/ family/ friendship group, or when travelling
·         Where you have seen simple effective solutions applied to community needs
·         Where you have helped come up with a simple design solution to a practical problem
·         Where you have been part of a team at work, school or in a sport
·         Captured in a film or documentary you have seen that relates to a developing world context.
Note – you are not required to identify a design area or solution as yet.
Presentation and submission As this is a personal reflection, it is acceptable to use personal pronouns; for example, ‘I’ and ‘me’. However, please write in formal academic style; that is, with correct grammar, spelling and sentence structure, no slang, no abbreviations, no contractions, and no colloquial terms.
Follow all formatting instructions and include the marking criteria at the end of your assignment. Submit in Microsoft Word format to Learnline.
    Formatting Your document needs to be presented professionally, using the following format (look up Microsoft ‘Help’ or see Youtube for formatting instructions):
·         Single document, MS Word.
·         Margins: Top & Bottom (3.00cm), Left & Right (2.50cm)
·         Body text: Times New Roman (or alternative legible and professional font), 12pt size, left alignment with 1.5 line spacing.
·         Paragraph spacing: 0pt ‘before’ and 12pt ‘after’.
·         A header and/or footer should be included, with detail of the unit code, Assignment number, and your name.


Article writing homework help