Business & Finance homework help. Case Write-up Overview
Cameron Auto Parts
SI 471
The case write-up assignment on Cameron Auto Parts is designed to give you additional practice analyzing business situations and developing effective plans-of-actions.  Although case studies come equipped with “study questions” and exhibits, the process of identifying issues, considering their implications, and developing and implementing a plan-of-action in the real world is the same, and should be an integral part of your business skill-set.
Your effectiveness in completing in this assignment should also provide you with a good benchmark regarding the development of your analytical skills.  By this point in the course, you should find your class preparation time reduced (i.e., you’ve become more efficient), and your ability to accurately identify, and comprehensively analyze, the relevant issues increased.

Case Write-up Instructions

Please do the following for this assignment:

  1. Answer the 4 assignment questions for class #17, in the syllabus (Cameron Auto Parts) and in writing, and submit your paper in hardcopy form by the beginning of class on 3/25/20.


  1. The maximum length of your paper should be 3 pages, single-spaced, including all exhibits.


  1. It is recommended you label each page of your paper with only your BU ID #, in an effort to facilitate blind grading. Please do NOT put your name anywhere on your paper.


  1. Please note: You do NOT have to submit your answers via e-mail for class on 3/25.



What I want, please…

  1. Demonstration of in-depth understanding, and thorough analysis of all relevant issues in the case. Please remember to use the “5-why’s,”and to be rigorous in your discussion of each issue.  Also consider how each issue fits vis-à-vis the entire company, its strategy, industry, etc.


  1. Realistic plans-of-action for the U.K. market, the rest of Europe, and the company’s coupling business (see syllabus for a list of the study questions).


  1. “Backup” for any calculations and/or conclusions. How did you get to your conclusions?


  1. To the extent you feel they are necessary, comparisons with:


  1. Definition of entrepreneurship, and/or
  2. People, opportunity, deal, context “model,” and/or
  3. Prior cases, readings or lectures we’ve studied


  1. Out of fairness to all students, please restrict your analysis to business issues affecting Cameron (i.e. please do not discuss legal implications, cite cases, code or statutes, or base your analysis on legally determined precedent.)


What I DON’T want, please…

  1. Information drawn from outside sources and/or the Internet, etc.


  1. Words for the sake of words (i.e. long, B/S type papers). You don’t have to necessarily write a three-page paper in order to effectively complete the assignment.


  1. Flashy graphs, diagrams, models and “buzzwords” which add no value.


  1. Conversations/collaboration with others (prior/present classmates, Professors, instructors, non-BU people, etc.) Please note this is an individual assignment.


  1. Questions to me regarding specific aspects of the case. Out of fairness to all students, I can’t respond to individual inquiries.  Any clarifications will be posted to Questrom Tools for the benefit of all.


  1. The “right” answer, since it doesn’t exist!


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