• Complete the prototype development of the Warehouse.
  • Complete the Warehouse Test Plan document.
  • Populate the Warehouse with data from the ’s databank.
  • Test the Warehouse for defined requirements.

Must present a functional prototype of the warehouse with data, sample queries, and documentation on requirements. The prototype while functional for testing is not a final model that has been programmed but is ready for programming in SQL.
Must describe the test plan to validate the data model with the customer and determining if the model works as expected, and if it comprises all of the required data. Includes details of the plan along with the results documentation for testing of the prototype with stakeholders.
Generate the BI report according to the defined requirements.
Prepare for the presentation / demonstration 
Must include the completed prototype along with a business intelligent report with requirements.
Prepare PowerPoint for live demonstration, must be clear, concise, and provide a workable prototype that meets requirements.