Project – Part 5 – Modules
Modify the pseudocode design that you created in ITP 100 Project – Part 4 to include at least the following modules.
· studentID  – to Enter the Student ID
· calcBill   – to Calculate the Bill
· prtBill  – to Print the Bill
After the student has finished entering the course titles, the system will calculate and print the bill.
Create a hierarchy chart for the modules. Save the hierarchy chart as ITP100Project-Part4-Hierarchy-LastName.doc
Save the pseudocode design using the filename ITP100Project-Part4-LastName.doc
Submit for a Grade:
· Upload the files ITP100Project-Part4-Hierarchy-LastName.doc and ITP100Project-Part4-LastName.doc file to the ITP100_Project_Part4 file upload area.
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