Although uniquely compliant with current law and guidance, is the  collection and aggregation of data from the IoT and social media an  ethical use of data. In 750-1,250 words, explain your opinion with  supporting evidence. Make sure to address:

  1. How has the IoT and social media been affected by cybersecurity over time?
  2. Acceptable  Use Policy. Although users agree to the conditions of it, is the data  being collected used for entirely ethical purposes?
  3. User  Agreement. If you use something that is provided for free, how does a  company make a profit (e.g., how are free products and services  monetized)?
  4. If companies build security directly into IoT  devices before implementing the hardware into the system, the security  would be sounder and could be tested ahead of time, instead of building  security around the device as an afterthought. Suppose that you are one  of the executive members in the company and face this option. However,  the built-in security would cost three times higher than the regular  without built-in security. Provide your rationale of the decision in  light of the Christian worldview.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.