Smart Devices Effect On The next Generation”. The Report should between 8 to 12 pages and font size and type is pacified in the guideline file. The guideline has all the details about requirement needed for the report, video or presentation. Plagiarism should not be more than 19%.
1. Video 2 minuets.
2. Report between 8 to 12 pages.
3. presentation.
Also, we need any picture used in the report or in the video.

Multimedia Systems Development
IT 441


Guidelines for Students

General Guidelines:

  • Total Marks = 10 (5 for Presentation + Video and 5 for Report)
  • Group Size = Min 2 People and Max 4 People
  • Students are required to make an advertisement ‘ad’ of maximum two ‘2’ minutes using any authentic multimedia video development software. Some examples of such ads might include; selling a product (such as coffee, chocolate, shampoo, etc.) to public, OR any public service announcement with an important message such as the instructions on driving. Your instructor will decide the proper type of advertisement for your group.
  • Students may use any multimedia video development tool to prepare their ads; however, the tool must be approved by the respected instructor. You should get this approval from your instructor before the end of week 6 or week 7. Some examples of famous multimedia tools are as follows:
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Headliner
  • Splice by GrPro
  • FilmoraGo
  • Adobe Spark Video
  • Biteable
  • VidLab
  • Filmmaker Pro
  • and so no….

Presentation Guidelines:

  • Max marks = 5
  • Due Date = Presentations will be conducted from week 12 and week 13 depending on class size and your instructor’s decision
  • Allotted time for each presentation is 5 to 7 minutes + 2 Minutes for the demo + 5 to 6 Minutes for Question/Answer session
  • You will be judged (both individually and as a group) based on your presentation and 2 minutes ad
  • You must begin and end the presentation as per the scheduled times. You have to make the appropriate arrangement beforehand in order to avoid unnecessary delays. For example, bring your laptop on the presentation day, keep the presentations ready, make appropriate arrangements for microphone and speakers in case of virtual classes etc.
  • Each group member should speak during the presentation explaining his/her contribution to the project. Being silent might result in ‘0’ mark
  • In the presentation, you may list some details about the selected tool such as the features related to IT441, certain negatives of the tool, any difficulties you faced during the project while using the selected tool, contribution of each group member, and finally a 2 minutes demonstration of your ad
  • Presentation must be prepared using MS PowerPoint and not exceed 10 slides

Report Guidelines:

  • Max marks = 5
  • Due Date = Tuesday of Week 11 (31/03/2020 till 11:59 PM) through Blackboard
  • Report should have at least 8 to 12 pages (Title Page and any extra pages are not included in this count)
  • Report should have an Introduction Section relating to the Multimedia Tool you selected to make your ad, important features of the tool related to IT441 course, any negatives of the tool, important screenshots and figures, guidelines for the users, and so forth
  • Each report should have a table stating the contribution of every group member
  • Use times new roman “12” font for writing and times new roman 14 bold for titles
  • The line spacing should be single
  • Every figure/screenshot should be explained in your own words
  • Reports should not have more than 19% plagiarism
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes
  • Report should be submitted in MS Word as well as PDF formats.
  • Each group will select a group coordinator who will submit the report via Blackboard Groups Tool.


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