Computer Science homework help. If you are working on: Assignment 2, Chapter 4, Team Assignment and Role-Playing Projects #2.
“Interview administrators in your college or executives [IT management] in your organization to determine how data mining, data warehousing, Online Analytics Processing (OLAP), and visualization tools could assist them in their work”… [so forth]….p.249
Because of our term-time constraints, I’m refocusing this question. First, pick only one topic data mining, data warehousing, or OLAP, then talk about it or use written communication (email) with the SME / IT Management personnel. Of course, you will cite as an APA interview or written communication. No meeting or communication should be more than 15 mins long.     
Anytime you can interview a SME or IT management and have a good exchange of a dialog on data mining, data warehousing or OLAP tools then it becomes meaningful and useful from an application point of view.
The scope here is understanding and the utilization of one of these tools.
These are typical interview questions – feel free to use them and add-on.
Name of the tool: _______________________

  1. To get the ball rolling you want to find out how their (data mining/warehousing / OLAP), tool being utilized?
  2. What was the main reason for getting it?
  3. What are some of the benefits (they are experiencing or expecting) (e.g. reports)?
  4. What are some of the interesting applications of it (e.g. usage…)?
  5. In general what types of payoffs and costs can organizations expect from mining/warehousing / OLAP initiatives (e.g. market edge, & benefits/sales offset the cost at 2:1) ?
  6. Add other questions or two…

Your report should be from ½ to 1 page (300 to 400 words) for this interview and information collection.

Computer Science homework help