Computer Science homework help. Prepare an 8 page APA style paper using the resources you have read in this course and at least 5 additional peer reviewed resources. Follow the writing requirements for this course. Include an introduction and conclusion in the paper. Cite the required, this is mandatory.
This paper should address the following questions:
(1) Does Blockchain technology have the potential to cause the paradigm shift in business practices that many experts are predicting? Explain why or why not. Support your answer with research.
(2) Is there evidence to suggest that Blockchain technology will change the way HR is practiced? If there is, discuss that evidence. If there is not, what issues exist that impede its adoption?
(3) Which functions of human resource management could be most impacted by Blockchain technology? How might the HR functions change? Support your answer with research.
Use following material only:
Arun, J. S., Cuomo, J., & Gaur, N. (2019). Blockchain for Business. New York: Pearson Addison-Wesley. ISBN: 0-13-558135-4
Required Harvard Couse Pack:
Other articles, and readings as assigned by the course professor. Recommended Resource: APA Manual, 6th edition.

Computer Science homework help