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04. Use the five characteristics of professions to describe the state of computing. Which characteristics does computing have? Which characteristics does it lack? Contrast the subfields of software engineering and Web page design with respect to the five characteristics? (150 words for the answer this question)
comment this 2 article (40 words for each comments)
1-    Negligence is a failure to do something reasonable in regards to a product or a profession. If you are a chef and you don’t wipe down a pan you have been cooking with, and a customer gets an allergic reaction because of something previously prepared in the pan you were being negligent. It is when something that is  commonly practiced in the field you are currently working with isn’t done that ruins the service. The way it could be determined that an individual has been negligent is by having other individuals within the profession come by and explain common practices done within the field. If the individual failed to do some of these common practices you can determine they have been negligent.
2-  Software engineering is more like a profession than other fields within computing due to its concern regarding the quality and safety of software that is being produced and sold. Software engineering has targeted requirements for a special undergraduate degree and even licensing. The state of Texas established a set of requirements and an exam that candidates must pass in order to receive a license. A code of ethics was also created by the ACM and IEEE to dictate professional conduct that software engineers must abide by.
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Computer Science homework help