When breaking down a process of how to do something, we can use two different ways to do:
1. If we use the nodes represent the objects or people and the links represent the connections between the nodes.  The combination of links and nodes produces a full systems model. (In programming we call it as the flowchart)

2. If we use English to list step by step to explain how to do something such that other people can follow your instruction to complete the process successfully (In programming we call it as the pseudo-code)
Choose ONE of the following topics, then use the flowchart or pseudo-code to give the instruction how to do such that anyone who following your instruction can complete the job.

  1. How to fill up the gas for a car?
  2. How to withdraw money from ATM machine?
  3. How to do the lab from Reading the requirement to finishing the lab? List all the step you need to do before writing the code
  4. How to study the lecture for the test to get highest result?

Then read and response your opinion on writing of at least 2 classmates