Computer Science homework help. Final Project
Your Final Project will consist to select a topic and develop a research paper, a power
point and a spreadsheet about the topic selected. The three parts need to be
It is a mostly free topic. You may choose whatever you would like to talk about, keep it
fun. The exceptions are as follows:
• No PROJECTS about
o Sex
o Drugs
o Religion
o Politics
o Family
o Family Pets
o No previously done projects from previous and/or present courses.
o No projects about the country which you are from.
o No projects where you have to list things like the 7 wonders or the world.
o No projects about Technology (Keep them fun and light)
Keep the assignment fun and light. Something of interest, a hobby,
favorite place, favorite past time, etc.
Be specific on a topic.
Rules for the Final Project
1. Research Paper: Should be between two and four pages not included the Work
Cited. The MLA documentation style must be used. (40 points)
2. PowerPoint, you must: (60 Points)
o Find photographs
o Your Presentation should not be your entire research assignment.
 7 lines per slide (maximum)
 7 words per line (maximum)
o Use key words and/or phrases to make your point
o DO NOT crowd the slides with too much text or pictures
o Use the NOTES Pages underneath each slide to include some
information you are going to talk about if/when presenting in front of an
o The purpose of the presentation is to give details, information or teach
about a subject.
o Be sure that your slides contain both text and pictures
o There should not be any slides with pictures only
o Be sure to submit a PowerPoint Presentation and not a Slide Show. (Be
careful on how you save it!)
o DO NOT make the slides change automatically
o The Presentation MUST have a minimum of 10 slides.
 Slide 1: Title
 Slides 2 – 9: Presentation
 Slide 10: Works Cited, Links and resources
o Create a video that need to be related to the topic (10 points)
o Be sure to add your picture somewhere in the PowerPoint Presentation

Computer Science homework help