Computer Science homework help.

Discuss the importance of software and technology to Graphic Design and Web design(coding). Specifically, how does software that you use today reflect the effort of pioneers from the past and their attempts to make people and machines communicate in new and improved ways?
Citing valid and reliable information, research, and sources, compose a 1,000 to 1,500 word paper (double spaced) on how important coding is to your field of study. Verify that your sources are reputable.
At a minimum include:

  1. A brief summary of your field of study or field you hope to pursue. (graphic design and web design)
  2. Examples of how coding is currently used in your field or how it could be used in your field.
  3. Specific types of coding that are used, such as programming languages or styling code like CSS. What types of paradigms are common? (I mainly use Brackets to write codes for HTML pages, and CSS Style pages. For web design)
  4. Are there any ethical or privacy concerns about how algorithms and or programs are being used in your field of study?
  5. A conclusion that addresses just how important coding is to your field of study and what the future direction of coding in your field might look like.

Computer Science homework help