Term Project: ATM (Automated Teller Machine) System
Objective: The project to be designed will control a simulated automated teller machine (ATM) having a magnetic stripe reader for reading an ATM card, a customer console (keyboard and display) for interaction with the customer, a slot for depositing envelopes, a dispenser for cash (in multiples of $20), a printer for printing customer receipts, and a key-operated switch to allow an operator to start or stop the machine. The ATM will communicate with the bank’s computer over an appropriate communication link. Design the ATM system in detail with the architectural design. Use use cases, sequence diagrams, class structural models and behavioral models.
Project Report by Individual, APA Format, Minimum 10 Pages,Double Spacing:

  • Introduction
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Use Cases for an ATM System
  • Sequence Diagrams
  • System Modeling
  • The software architecture of an ATM system
  • Class Diagram for an ATM System
  • Activity Models
  • State Diagrams
  • Conclusions

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