The Study Of Organised Crime In India
Resources :
Project Assignment: Write a research paper that contains the following structure.

  • Introduction of Organized Crime
  • Organized Crime History and Concepts
    • Historical Background (Around World)
    • Development/Rise of Gangs / major Syndicates  In Mumbai India
    • Concepts and Illegal activities of Organized Crimes In India
  • Legislations Related to Organized Crime
    •  Maharashtra control of organized crime Act 1999
  • Adverse Impact of Organized Crime
    • Global Impact or Transnational Impact
    • Economic Impacts (Cricket match-fixing, Real Estate builder and Bollywood extortions)
    • Social Impacts
    • Political Will and Corruptions in India
  • Conclusion
    • Suggestions and Recommendations

Your research paper should be at least  15 pages (5000 words), double-spaced, have at least  10 APA references, with proper in-text citations typed in an easy-to-read font in MS Word format. Make sure appropriate citations with zero plagiarism.