Thesis Statement and Annotated Bibliography Instructions
In Week 7 of this course, the student will submit an original 15-20 page Research Paper based upon a current problem or trend in cyber crime today.
You will have a choice between several topics for this assignment (listed numerically below). These topics will be closely associated with a certain or a specific problem in the cyber crime profession or discipline today that you will develop and defend.
In preparation for the Research Paper, each student will select a topic and develop a hypothesis for approval along with an annotated bibliography.
The bibliography must cite at least 8 scholarly resources that are significant to the topic (current, relevant, credible, and each carries its weight) with a clear and meaningful connection between all the resources. This will be due at the end of Module/Week 3.
As the body of your Research Paper will require be an argumentative paper, be sure you obtain scholarly resources that help you answer the following questions (as the research paper must provide answers to all of the questions a person would ask if one defended the hypothesis to another person):
·  What is the current problem?
·  What does the literature say about the problem?
·  What is the solution?
·  What gaps in the literature will my solution address?
·  What do my critics say about the problem and my particular solution?
·  What are the implications of my research?
·  And a conclusion.
Choice of Thesis Statements:
4.  Private companies engaged in commerce within the borders of the United States should (or should not) be compelled to provide “back doors” to law enforcement to circumvent proprietary encryption coding.