Please review this Excel spreadsheet:  Week 2 Epidemiological Examples

In your post, you are to select a disease that no one else has selected. You can post early in the week to reserve your disease and then just reply to your original post when your material is done. Answer the following questions with your initial post.

1. What disease did you select?

2. Find two different incidence rates for this disease. This can be either the rates of the disease in two different countries, age groups, ethnicities, occupation, or any other classifier that might be important to your disease. Provide the two different rates here. Cite your source.

3. Select a screening test or a confirmatory test for your disease. Report on what the sensitivity and specificity percentages are and cite your source. Also, provide the cost of the test.

4. Using the method outlined in the excel document determine the PPV and NPV of using both screening tests in the two populations you selected.

5. How much did each true positive cost?

6. Does it make sense to implement mandatory screening in either population? Why or why not?

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