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Research Topic: How companies in Saudi Arabia develop a health culture in their business to achieve reputation and competitive advantage
Culture of Health (Definition): A culture which encourages everyone, including businesses, to maximize good health and well-being for themselves, for others with whom they live and work, for their communities, and for the environment
Research should be based on an analysis of gaps in current knowledge of epidemiology
Proposal should fulfil the following: 6 pg. without References. Single phase
– Abstract
– Introduction.
– Research Objectives.
– Literature Review.3 pg.
– Methodology.
– Expected Outcomes.
– Outcome Utilization.
– References.
The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia (MOH) is working to establish healthcare research strategy
aims to ensure an innovative research environment where evidence informs policy
development and decision making by supporting and sustaining local research
capacity. The strategy has three components:

  • Increase research productivity and strategic value by aligning research funding

with health system strategic priorities to optimize impact and return on

  • Foster knowledge translation and exchange by facilitating linkages between

researchers and decision-makers for the uptake and use of evidence.

  • Build capacity by attracting, developing and retaining world-class health research


Economics homework help