Economics homework help.

How do local (or regional) public policies contribute to regional economic development? In particular, many local and regional governments compete for investment through different incentives or public spending policies. In this final project, choose one from the following topics to write a report.
·  Collect your readings from Google Scholar using key words.
·  For anything you use in the writing, cite them properly. (Last Name, Year) in the text and provide the full citation at the end.
·  Discuss with me as you read; feel free to consult me before you write
·  Use these following journals to collect your own readings:
Journal of Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice; Journal of Business Ventures
Economic Development Quarterly
Journal of Public Finance
Regional Science; Regional Studies
·  Focus on the journals that I give you, using key word search (e.g. art; revitalization; university; culture; social entrepreneurship)
·  Expand the search if you need more references, through google scholar, just looking at who cited the best articles you like.
·  Elaborate the key points with details and examples (Simply assume readers know nothing about the topic)
·  Use sub-titles properly to lead your major points.
·  Rephrase as necessary. Never copy and paste.
·  Don’t worry about format except for keeping it single-spaced.
·  Put all the readings to the shared google drive with all your group members.
Final Product:
·  An essay report developed by each person/group
·  Maximum 10 pages, single-spaced, excluding charts, maps, graphs, and references
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Economics homework help