Education homework help. Assignment 1:
For this assignment, create a project using Critical Race Theory as the major theoretical framework to analyze a particular issue related to education. however, RACE must be central to the paper, and Critical Race Theory must be used as one of the major tools of analysis. Examples include an analysis of curriculum, a particular policy, a trend in schools (tracking, grouping, expulsions, dropouts etc), or a larger social issue such as prisons, poverty, etc, from a Critical Race Theory Perspective. Students should use APA format for all citations and references. Students are allowed to create but are not limited to:
Analytic Research Paper (15 pages)

  • Curriculum Analysis
  • Race-based curriculum for K-12 or HigherEd
  • Policy analysis
  • Race-based policy for K-12 or HigherEd

In the attachment there is some articles related to some of these areas

Education homework help