This week, your readings center on the amazing developmental changes of infants and toddlers. For your Application Assignment, you will again use the Child Development Chart to organize important factual information with regard to children of this age group. While you develop your chart, keep in mind that the age ranges stipulated do not constitute absolute limits. Nothing magical happens in terms of development on the exact day of a child’s first birthday or second birthday. And that is because, as you know, different developmental events happen at different times in children’s lives-some earlier, some later. Remember then that looking at development within the margins of ages is simply a tool to help focus your study and understanding of child development, and the chart you are creating is an effective reference of essential developments in children’s lives across domains. This type of perspective is useful as long as you remain acutely aware of individual variations.
In preparation for this assignment, review all the Required Resources for this week. Then download the following documents to complete your assignment:

By Day 7

Complete and submit this chart:

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