Education homework help. Week 11 Discussion
This week we study Reality theory.  William Glasser developed Reality theory due to his disenchantment with psychoanalysis, believing that it did not teach people to be responsible for their behavior but to look to their past to blame others for it. Reality theory is often referred to as “Choice” theory due to its emphasis on personal responsibility and accountability.
For the purposes of this discussion, please read the following article:  “The Voice of William Glasser: Accessing the Continuing Evolution of Reality Therapy” by Robert Wubbolding.  It can be located in either Ebscohost or Google Scholar.
Once you have read the article, please post the following:

  1. Provide a summary (in your own words) of the five principles of Reality/Choice theory.
  2. Discuss which of these principles you may find most challenging when using Reality/Choice theory with a client.
  3. The cornerstone principle of choice theory is that human motivation is intentional.  Share with the class your personal view of human motivation.

In order to adequately complete this discussion assignment, you will need to read the article in full and properly cite it in your discussion post.  You will also need to include citations from the course text in this week’s post.  There are no peer-reviewed citations required this week,

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