Personal Goal Statement Ch. 1

To get the most out of this course, the author suggests that you write personal goals to improve specific skills that you wish to better. Before you write a goal, you must first analyze your current communication skills repertoire. Before you begin, read Chapter One of your textbook.
After you have carefully read the chapter, you are to formulate your own personal goal statements. Analyze your current communication behaviors. Remember that a personal goal has four components (see below). To write your personal goal statements, you are to do the following:
1. State the problem
2. State the specific goal
3. Outline a specific procedure for reaching the goal
4. Devise a method of determining when the goal has been reached
Write a personal goal statement to improve your areas of communication. Refer to pages 18-19 in your textbook, for additional information and examples. One personal goal statement should be formulated. Type your assignment in Microsoft Word

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