Week 12 Discussion
This week, we will take a deeper look at Constructivist theoretical approaches.  While there are many Constructivist theories, the two most prominent are Solution-Focused theory and Narrative Theory. 
For the purposes of this week’s discussion, please read the following case study and answer the questions below:
Morgan is a 20-year-old college student who resides two other college-aged female in the university dormitory. Morgan’s mother has become increasingly concerned during weekend visits about her daughter’s recent 20-pound weight loss. Morgan counts calories and exercises each morning and evening. Despite her weight loss and low-average size, Morgan says that she is “fat” and she weighs herself several times a day. Morgan has always felt close to her family, especially to her mother. She is an excellent student, active in on-campus activities and works a part-time job at a local coffee shop. Morgan’s mom tells her that she looks too thin, but Morgan still believes she needs to lose more weight. Morgan quickly is offended and reacts defensively. When Morgan’s dorm mates encourage her to eat more, she argues with them and locks herself in her room.   Morgan’s parents are unsure if she is showing some late-onset rebellion or if she is developing an eating disorder. Until now, Morgan has never given them any problems.  Morgan has been referred to you for counseling.
Using both the Solution-Focused theory techniques and the Narrative theory techniques as a guide, determine which of the Constructivist theories would work best when working with Morgan and provide a rationale for your decision.  Then, select (2) techniques congruent with your choice and discuss how you might implement them when working with Morgan.  In your discussion post, please be specific and use counseling statements where necessary.
In order to adequately complete this discussion assignment, you will need to consult peer-reviewed literature and include a minimum of one peer-reviewed article in your post along with citations from the course text.