Length: This paper is an eight to ten page final writing assignment—eight pages minimum (MLA format required; see Examples of Student Works in MLA Style in MindTap).  MLA format for both in-text citations and for Works Cited page is also required.

Writing Purpose:  Develop an argument which takes a clear and strong position on a Hawaii sustainability problem or issue which is currently being debated in the news, government debates, and/or in academic disciplines, and propose feasible solutions.

There is a requirement of eight minimum research sources for this final paper; anything less than the minimum number of sources will result in a ten point deduction in the overall evaluation score of the assignment.  Remember: this is not a research report; therefore use your source material to support and prove your own points in the argument, not merely for the sake of presenting information or in place of your own ideas/points in building your case to convince and/or persuade your audience.

You also need to apply a particular type of argument to this assignment: Problem-Solution Argument. The structure and organization pattern of a problem-solution argument must be readily identifiable to the reader.