English homework help.

Make a YouTube video based on the theme of my thesis and as I requested:Your Youtube Video must have the following features:
1) Have a title that attracts readers and shows your issue
2) Have a longer explanation of your issue in the caption below your video (minimum 100 words)
3) Be at least 90 seconds long
4) Use a minimum of 15 images
5) Use research facts from your project
6) Use rhetorical strategies appropriate for your issue to convince your viewer they should think or feel differently
7) Have text in every part of the video (you should be without text for more than a second or two)
8) Your text should change frequently, which means you can’t write too much!
a. If you aren’t sure how much text you should use, watch other informational Youtube videos to get the idea
9) If you plan to appear or speak in your video, you still need to include a minimum of 8 images and use text to highlight the important things you’re saying. Again, watch examples
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English homework help