English homework help. 1190 Assignment Specifications
1190.12                    25  Points Possible

Content Criteria


  • Bring your historical information up to date.
  • Which portion of the economy uses professionals from your field?
    1. Corporations
    2. Smaller companies
  • Military practitioners of your profession?
  1. Self-employed
  2. Limited Liability Corporations
  • Search for information about the profession’s current practices in our library’s card catalog.
  • Using paper-copy information: evaluate your sources – which are academic, which are from current professional organizations
  • Do a web search for the profession’s current practice information.
  • Do a web search for how to cite Internet sources in the format determined by the Modern Language Association (MLA).
  • Remem­ber to cite your resources in the correct reference form. You will need citations for each of the resources that you used, both paper and Internet sources. (The Thomson book and your internet research will help)
  • Submit your research in paragraph format as 1190.12.


Editing Criteria

  1. Identify 5 transitions in your submitted research by underlining
  2. Identify 2 apostrophes to show contraction in your submitted research by identifying them with underline and bold.
  3. Identify 2 simple sentences in your submitted research in
  4. Fragments, run-ons, and comma splices are edited into submission.
  5. The writer has eliminated the use of the second person “you” in the writing of your essay and written up the research using third person.
  6. Overall, there are fewer than five editing errors.


Submission Criteria

  1. The length of the essay is a minimum of 1 page, single-spaced when printed in 12 point New Times Roman Font. No spaces between the paragraphs or unnecessary spacing around the title. I may scan and reprint the essays if there is any doubt about the length of the essay.  If an essay is less than the prescribed length, the grade will be shortened.  Short essays lead to short grades..
  2. The completed essay should have less than five editing errors,
  3. The editing features are identified with underline and bold as requested.
  4. The references for information which you took from web sources and hard copy has been identified both in the body of your essay and in the Work Cited
  5. At the end of the essay, after the page minimum, the following questions are to be answered:
    1. What influenced you to select this topic?
    2. What assistance did you have in creating the essay?
    3. What assistance did you have in editing the essay?
    4. Do you state that the above answers are true?
  6. Are you aware that the consequence for dishonesty is a failing grade?

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