English homework help. The GHATP training program is designed so that the position acquires the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies necessary to assume progressively more complex responsibilities and assist the Office of the Medical Center Director in successfully meeting its mission and strategic goals. The position will develop an individual development plan (IDP) and receive recurring progress reviews by the supervisor.
Duties include but may not be limited to the following:

  1. Utilizes       data and reporting tools to develop health-planning strategies impacting       the operations of medical centers, network offices, and/or VHACO program       offices.
  2. Analyzes       data trends in budget and fiscal operations supporting the preparation       and execution of budget and committee meetings.
  3. Researches       laws, regulations, and policies related to budget and fiscal management       displaying knowledge of VA health care system operations.
  4. Participates       on project teams in lead or support roles identifying and improving       operational processes impacting services of the VA health care system.
  5. Displays       knowledge of VA priorities and mission statements to recommend       improvements to policy and procedures related to budget and       administrative operations.
  6. Observes,       analyzes, and reports under professional service direction the areas of       discipline, rewards and recognition, reassignment, staff adjustments and       realignments, labor/management relationships, affirmative employment, and       alternative dispute resolutions and grievances to understand processes       for conducting projects and studies.
  7. Performs       rotations and on-site visits to make recommendations to the issues and       opportunities present at the Network and other VA/VHA facilities and       program offices.
  8. Analyzes       org charts, policies, VERA and SAIL data to represent the       facility/Network, and program office priorities during resource       allocation committee meetings.

Provide a Statement of Purpose: Explain how you believe the VHA Health Systems Management Trainee Program will assist you in further defining your primary personal and/or professional life goals. Why is now the best time for you to pursue this training? Your explanation should include, but not necessarily be limited to, a description of both your intermediate and longer-term career goals, as well as a current vision of your desired position upon program completion. Please limit your response to no more than 4000 characters (about one page).

English homework help