Each Q. separate document!!!
Answer the following questions. AND READ/ ANSWER EACH QUESTION CAREFULLY!!!!
Q1. (No Reference Page) 1 Paragraph 
Part 1

  1. While there are countless books for infants and toddlers out there, what constitutes a high quality book? What are some characteristics that we might want to look for when selecting books to read with very young children?
  2. How are books designed for infants different from books designed for toddlers or even preschool children?

Part 2

  1. Share three of your absolute favorite preschool books for infants and/or toddlers with the rest of the class.  List the title, author, a sentence or two summary, and tell us why you love this book.

Q2. (No Reference Page) 1 Paragraph 
Read the article I Want My Baby To Read (PDF Below)
Answer your responses to the following reflective questions:

  1.  What do you consider the most important reason that attempting to teach infants to read is not a good practice?  Explain your response.
  2. Which of the achievements By age 3  listed in the article on (pg. 43, left column) do you feel is the most important?  Explain your response.
  3. Give some examples (golden lines) from the article that you especially agree with.  Is there anything that you disagree with?

Q3. (No Reference Page) 2 Paragraphs 
This week, we are going to counter one of these comments with an informed response of our own.
Respond to someone who says “You just change diapers, give them a bottle, and keep an eye on them all day, so what could they be learning.”  Use any of the information online (NO REFERENCE PAGE & Using your own words) to create a devastatingly awesome response to the person who dared to utter such a ridiculous statement. Now…politely and intelligently, let them have it!

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