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Choose a topic on which you wish to develop a middle ground for compromise or discussion.  Try to choose a topic on which you have some ownership, something you have experienced and know enough about to write a Rogerian essay.  In any case, choose a topic that you care about, so you will care about writing the essay, and the reader will be able to care about grading it.
After choosing your topic, develop background information.  Remember, in a Rogerian argument, it is important to know the major sides to the issue accurately and without judgment.  After you have gained a sufficient background on the topic, find common ground between the major sides.  Where do they agree?  What definitions, reasons, assumptions, or values do they all share?  Next, develop claims that all sides could support based on these similarities.
Once you have accomplished these steps, it is time to write a Rogerian argument to persuade your readers toward a common ground.
Remember the structure for the Rogerian argument: 

  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Side A
  • Side B
  • Compromise Common Ground
  • Conclusion

Your intro should describe the context of the argument and summarize the major views.  Your body should describe the major sides of the issue accurately and fairly, without passing judgment.  The body of your essay should also outline the shared values, assumptions, etc. that you identified.  Your conclusion should present the claims you have identified that the parties can accept.
Outside sources are required for this essay, and you must cite them in proper MLA format.  The information you use in this essay should be your own developed argument supported by two or more sources.  Even if you interview or use information that you know came from someone else, you must cite that source on a separate works cited page to appear as last page of final draft.  Note: Please do not use Wikipedia as a source.
Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice in writing an argument that is more cooperative than confrontational.  The purpose of a Rogerian argument is to bring two opposing sides together and show them their common ground, developing claims, plans for actions, or decisions that they can all agree to.  This style is very common in business negotiation and conflict mediation.  The writer must be non-judgmental and present both sides fairly and accurately to avoid upsetting the parties involved.
Length:  The essay needs to be at least 900 words, EXCLUDING the works cited page.  Papers that do not meet the minimum length requirement will earn the grade of zero (0).
Sources:  The essay needs to use at least three sources.
At least five (5) in-text citations are required.  All documentation needs to be in MLA format. Pay careful attention to both in-text documentation and the works cited page. No more than 15% of the paper should be direct quotes.
All documentation must be in current 8th edition MLA format.  Please refer to  https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.  for information on how to cite your sources.
The paper needs to be written in THIRD person.  You may use first or second person only if you are quoting a source that uses first or second person.  When writing an argument, the use of first person indicates bias and should be avoided as it reduces your credibility as an author.
Evaluation According to Rubric & Rules:
Your essay will be evaluated on paragraph structure, content, clarity, and effective use of the elements of persuasion, as well as your ability to remain cooperative and non-judgmental.  Avoid fallacies or other errors in logic and be sure to use pathos ethically—no one likes to feel manipulated.  Remember to be creative and intriguing, vivid and detailed so your readers remain attentive and involved.  Arguments do not have to be boring.  This argument needs to remain focused and non-confrontational.  Think of the essay as a mediation between friends where you are the mediator trying to find an outcome that both of your friends can accept.  The good part about this essay, though, is that you do not have to hang out with the parties afterward.

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