English homework help. Over the course of the semester, we’ve thus far seen a few different shows that each highlighted,
in different ways, the full spectrum of professions one can pursue in the theatre. You’ve read about
and discussed on Canvas the different disciplines that go into making a show: acting, directing,
set, light, costume, and sound design, dramaturgy, marketing, etc.
Your task here will be to research one theatre profession and then write a paper about it. Here’s a
list of professions from which you must choose for your research.
Artistic Director
Managing Director
Musical Director
Stage Manager
Set Designer
Technical Director
Lighting Designer
Costume Designer
Sound Designer
Media Designer
Stage Hand
Production Manager
Company Manager
Theater Marketer
House Manager
Google the professions above and choose one that interests you the most, or perhaps one that you
feel falls closest to your personal area of expertise. In your research, consider some—but not
necessarily ALL—of the following questions:
Was it always, or is it always a part of the theater organization? If it has changed over
time, what was the arc in terms of the development of the position? What do you imagine
its future to be?
What are some of the common paths to getting a job as a professional in this position? Is
it commonly an apprentice program, university training, union affiliation, other paths
entirely, or some combination of the above?
Who were or are some ‘leaders’ in the industry, performing this position? Where do/did
they work? What was their contribution to the craft?
Where would you want to work, doing this job you’ve chosen? What would you hope to
bring to the theater industry in terms of change or innovation?
Paper Requirements:
• 5 – 6 pages, double spaced. 12 point font with standard margins.
• This is a research paper! Find a variety of sources—at least 4 sources, no more than 6.
o Because you can use a limited amount of sources, they must be GOOD sources.
Wikipedia is forbidden as a source. Give preference to articles or books with clearly
listed authors or reputable organizations attached to them.
USING MLA FORMATTING. I have uploaded a formatting guide to Canvas along
with this assignment.
• Feel free to include pictures! I encourage you to, but remember this: those pictures are IN
ADDITION to your text, not IN PLACE OF IT—meaning that if you use a picture that
takes up half a page, your total paper now has to be 6.5 pages, not just 6, for example.
• As usual, you must submit by the deadline. Failure to do so will see your grade for this
paper reduced a full letter per day late, and this project is 20% of your grade.
• I also encourage you to use Experiencing Theatre as a jumping off point. It has a wealth of
information about these different jobs, and can serve as one of your four – six sources if
you so choose.
• A full rubric for this has also been uploaded to Canvas with this sheet.

English homework help