Essay #4: Researched Argument


Write an argument-driven, research essay about one of the following topics:

  • Arguing about an area where human behavior and technology intersect. (For example: Children and their use of iPads and iPhones)
  • Arguing about an area where human behavior and justice intersect. (For example: Police brutality against African Americans).



  • You will need to integrate at least 3 credible sources (found using El Centro’s library databases).
  • The essay must be at least 3 and no longer than 4 pages long. The Works Cited page does not count.
  • Generally avoid using first person (I) and second person (you). The only exception to this is if you are using a personal example as part of your support.


You have already completed the annotated bibliography, so you have a research question and have found sources that discuss your topic. You have also narrowed that topic to something that will fit the scope of this paper. If you filled out the InSights templates, then all these aspects will help you with the next step.



  • Research more. Yes, I know you just finished researching for the annotated bibliography, but that might not have resulted in the best sources you can use.
  • Think of your own reasons why you support your argumentative stance. This is where your awesome critical thinking skills come in. You most likely have already formed some of your reasons, though you may not have all the support for them yet.  That is great.  The research that you do, should help you back up those reasons.
  • However, you may find sources that disagree with you. Still great!  This may cause you to change your mind or lead you in a different and exciting direction. Or it may cause you to disagree with this article in your essay.  Also…great!
  • But here is what you must not do: find sources and basically “steal” their argument because they say it better than you do. The purpose of using sources is not to create your argument, but to strengthen the argument you already have.
  • Write argumentative thesis statements and topic sentences to keep you focused.
  • Here’s an example of an argumentative thesis about the topic of online learning: Online learning is the best way for students to learn because it pools resources from all over the world, allows students to work on their own time and at their own pace, and much of the interpersonal interaction that is so important in learning is recreated in new and creative ways.