• Discussion: Developing an IMC Plan
    While Maddie, Tess and Chris wrap things up with Elder Care let’s get you and your classmates started on this week’s discussion. You’ve already done the groundwork with the exercise in the scenario – now we are going to expand on what you’ve already done.
    You will be playing the role of the marketing director for either EnviroCamp or Madison Pet Foods and targeting the consumer segment you selected earlier. You MUST use the combination of firm and segment that you have already selected. You will be developing an IMC proposal for the firm and target audience you selected.  Remember that Maddie recapped some of the important things to consider when you develop an IMC plan, including objectives, segmentation, branding and integrating different parts of promotion into your strategy.
    Begin by telling your client what you hope to achieve with your IMC plan – these are your objectives – be sure they are SMART. Then, select at least three of the types of media listed in the scenario exercise. You do NOT have to use the same ones you selected originally, but you do need to stay in the same budget. Here they are below.
    Personal selling
    Social media
    Sales promotion
    Brand image
    Direct marketing
    Dog bone
    Public relations
    Guerilla marketing
    For each of the three, describe in detail what you will present to your client, including the theme of your message, which execution technique (slice of life, demonstration. etc) you will use and if you plan to use an emotional or cognitive approach to reach the consumer. For at least ONE of your media types, you must provide your client with a visual of some type, such as PowerPoint mockup of your ad or billboard, a screen shot your social media page or a storyboard.
    Remember your initial post is due Thursday.
    For your responses, play the role of the client and give them feedback, which might include questions, regarding their proposal. As usual, your initial post is expected to be at least 350 words and college level writing is expected.
  • Marketing Plan PresentationAssignment Task: Submit to complete this assignment
    As the final step in your marketing plan, you will create a narrated PowerPoint presentation. Your presentation should be about 7-8 minutes long and cover all the major parts of your project.
    The Presentation
    A narrated presentation to the class not to exceed seven (7) minutes in length. You should assume that you are presenting your plan to a potential investor or lender – a professional business audience (think TV’s Shark Tank).
    Keys to a successful presentation:
    •           Professionally prepared slides
    •           Presentation skills count – enunciation and correct pronunciation is important
    •           Avoid background noise
    •           Do not read the slides – tell your story
    •           Be prepared for the discussion in Module 8 – your classmates will provide feedback on your presentation
    Your slides should follow this format and sequence:
    •           Cover slide which includes your name and project
    •           You may have optional slide(s) with pictures or relevant images
    •           Product description with FAB – 2-3 slides
    •           SWOT  – 4 slides (one each factor)
    •           Segmentation – 2 slides (one each segment)
    •           Supply chain – 1 slide – should be similar to the chart in the written plan
    •           IMC – will vary, but commonly 3-5 slides
    •           Closing
    •           Reference list – you are required to keep a list of all sources other than the course materials (text, module content, this guide) used to develop your plan.  Include these as your final slide.
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