History homework help. For this assignment, you will write an essay. This is a composition of moderate length on a
particular subject or topic. You will need an argument or position that can be derived from
answering the following question/s, followed with the provision of evidence to support your
argument or position. Choose ONE of the following question/s and state a position to answer the
For this assignment, please use the primary sources I have made available in class and on
Moodle, as well as your textbook. You will need to use at least THREE different sets of primary
sources (including texts or visuals). Footnotes are expected in your essay. Please type out your
essay and cite using Chicago footnotes and bibliographical style. Citation styles are available on
Moodle (“How to Cite”). Your essay should be between 8-12 pages, paginated, double-spaced in
font size 12, contains a title and an argument.
1. Between the Opium Wars and the mid-19th century rebellions (Taiping, Nien, etc.), which
of these two major upheavals was more lethal to the Qing state?
2. Why did the Qing Empire not collapse after the Opium Wars and mid-19th century
rebellions? What made the Qing state or empire so resilient?
3. How would you characterize the role of Christianity in China in the 19th century?
4. Why was China receptive to a revolution and the foreign ideas of Marxism in the
twentieth century?
5. Discuss why the conditions of women did not improve despite the collapse of the
imperial structures of patriarchy, or did some women benefit from the new China in early
twentieth century?
6. How did the World War I and World War II shape China in the twentieth century?
7. What are the effects of imperialism and colonialism on the creation of modern China?
8. Discuss the role of intellectuals in the creation of a modern China.

History homework help