1.   Abolitionists and the fight to end slavery from 1800-1850. Discuss tactics and arguments used. Include specific people and events. Think about its influence and impact on the growing sectional conflict

2.   The Cotton Kingdom- How did it affect African American lives? How did it impact the economy? How did it impact national politics?

3.   The Sectional Crisis -Choose three specific events to discuss to illustrate your point.  Do not use slavery as a general event here.  You discuss that in the second part of the essay. What were some of the debates over slavery and how did they impact the divide between North and South?

4.   How did African-Americans help transform the meaning of the Civil War and why? Provide three examples

5.   Reconstruction- What struggles did African Americans face during Reconstruction? Be prepared to discuss federal government policies. Was it successful?  Why or why not?