Public Budgeting: Historical/Theoretical Analysis
Research Paper Instructions
As depicted in this previous and current Modules’ readings, public budgeting includes a collection of choices, political actors, economics, social theories, institutional structures, competing norms and values.
Mikesell, John L. (2018). Fiscal administration: Analysis and applications for the public sector. 10th ed. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. ISBN: 9781305953680.
Rubin, Irene S. (2015). Public budgeting: Policy, process and politics. New York, NY: Routledge. ISBN: 9780765616913.
For this Module Assignment, students will formulate a 15-16 double-spaced page paper (not including title page, reference page, and any appendices) that:

  1. Interprets public budgeting reforms:
  2. Infers political, economic, and social constraints;
  3. Investigates major stakeholders;
  4. Articulates the role of public budgeting in managing public sector organizations applying historical and theoretical assumptions and their impact domestically and/or internationally.
  5. Includes a 75-word Abstract.

This is a Doctoral-level research assignment designed to test your ability to carefully research, effectively organize, and concisely communicate a nuanced understanding of the concepts and issues raised in the assignment.
Additionally, to do well on this assignment, you must conduct high-quality research and offer rich, well-supported analysis; mere opinion or conjecture will not suffice. There must be no careless or simple grammatical errors such as misspellings, incomplete sentences, comma splices, instances of faulty noun/verb agreement, etc. Such errors will result in significant point deductions.
Plagiarism in any form is strictly prohibited and may result in failure of the assignment, failure of the course, and/or removal from the program. It is your responsibility to ensure that you fully understand what constitutes the various forms of plagiarism and that you avoid all forms of plagiarism.
This paper must be in current APA format with 1-inch margins and 12-pt Times New Roman font. You must also include a title page and reference page. You must include citations to a sufficient number of appropriate professional, scholarly, or other appropriate sources to fully support your assertions and conclusions (which will likely require more than the minimum number of citations); each paper must contain citations to the course texts book, assigned readings, and a minimum of 5 additional sources not including the course textbooks, assigned readings, and the Bible.