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  1. The International Plastics, Inc., CEO read your executive summary and would like more information. The CEO would like a detailed explanation of the IT standards, protocols, and communication tools currently in use in the facilities to determine if improvements are needed.

    Review the existing International Plastics network diagrams located in the International Plastics, Inc., documents ZIP file. Develop an assessment of the current telecommunications protocols, standards, and collaboration tools used for the business. Determine if improvements are needed, and if so, list your recommendation with how the improvement will affect the standard or protocol.

    Prepare a table, using Microsoft® Word or Excel®, to document at least six current standards or protocols used at each location. Use the following table headings:

    • Current Telecommunications Standard, Protocol, or Collaboration Tools
    • International Plastics Location
    • Recommendation for Improvement
    • Effects of Improvement
    • Decide on a recommendation that will have the most beneficial impact to the company.

      Write a 1-page explanation on how you made the decision to move forward with this recommendation. What options did you weigh? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this recommendation?

      Cite at least one scholarly resource and include a citation in APA format.

      Submit your assignment.


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